Do you know which businesses are visiting your Website?

Tools and Tactics for Converting Website Visitors into Sales Leads

Website Conversion Marketing is all about turning more of your ‘previously anonymous’ Website visitors into ‘real world’ Sales Leads, that move from visiting your website to revealing themselves, and opting-in’ for a ‘Conversation’ with your business.

These types of sales leads are normally the best, because they are inbound, and very likely to be the result of some other marketing activity you have been running; SEO, Social Media Advertising and Email campaign etc.

In order to get the most value from your wider marketing activities it is important to ‘convert’ as many visitors into sales leads as possible.  Typically Conversion Rates are a function of our Website Content and how effectively we ‘re-engage’ Website Visitors via tactics like retargeting and email.

Website Visitor Conversion Tools and Tactics

Website Visitor Conversion Tools and Tactics


So why do we need to do more? …

If typical Website Visitor-to-Sales Lead conversion rate is nudged from 1% to 2% that is a 100% increase in your inbound sales leads from your website!

How can we do more?

Beyond constantly working on our Website Content, one of the easiest ways to quickly and dramatically increase Conversion rates is to identify visitors and ‘automatically’ nudge them towards opening up for a conversation.

Thanks to easy-to-use, low cost, Website plug-in tools like the Traffic Truffle Website Visitor Identification Website plug-in, this is easier than ever.

First identify; get a list of Website Visitors in real time through the dashboard or receive daily/weekly summary emails.

Second; tag visitors and assign an action for when they return, like presenting specific content, a chat box or directing them to connect with you on Social Media.

For more ideas and a free trial contact the Website Conversion specialists at Traffic Truffle.