Getting started with Traffic Truffle

Getting started

Now that you have signed up for your Traffic Truffle account and have the tracking code on your website, what should you do now?

Below are 3 of the most important things to consider to ensure you are getting the most out of the tool.


1. Hot pages

Traffic Truffle looks at all of the pages on your website, and then using a simple drag and drop system allows you to say which of the pages are ‘hot’. So what is a hot page? A hot page is a page on your website that signifies that a visitor is interested in your product or service. Examples of hot pages include;

  • Pricing pages
  • Product/service details pages
  • Contact us pages

It is common for people to visit your website that are just looking for a job, or to read a few blog articles – visitors that are unlikely to want to buy from you. These are typical examples of pages that should remain ‘cold’.

You can then sort the visitors on your website by how many hot pages they have visited, and spend your time focused on the truffles within your traffic!


2. Email notifications

It is not always possible to find the time to log in to the Traffic Truffle system and look at your data. But don’t worry, we have a solution.

You can chose to receive weekly, daily, and even hourly email summaries of all the identified businesses that have visited your website. The email shows you how many pages each visitor has gone to, and links to their full profile where you can see all their information.

You can have these emails send to as many people within your organisation as you like. Setting this up couldn’t be easier – just select ‘Manage account’ from the left hand navigation and then ‘Email notifications’.


3. See who has visited your site

Selecting ‘website visitors’ in the left hand navigation will take you to a page that shows all of the people who have visited your website. If any businesses have been identified, they will be listed at the top of the page, and should be easily identifiable by their company name and logo. Beneath these companies you will see all of the visitors to your site that were not businesses, each with a cartoon picture and name.

To the left of the screen you will see some fields that allow you to filter your website visitors. A particularly useful filtering option is ‘filter by tag’. You can tag each visitor on your website as an existing customer, a rival, or a prospect, and then search to see all visitors with a certain tag. The most common use of this is to see all your prospects – likely to be the sub section of your visitors that you are most interested in.

If you see multiple visits from the same company, this means that more than one person from that company has been on your site. We also display whether the visitor is on your website for the first time, or is returning for another look.

Any questions?


Hopefully this article will help you get started with using Traffic Truffle. If you have any other questions or require any help, we would love to hear from you – get in touch via our contact page.