How to add Traffic Truffle to WordPress

We have written a plugin so adding the Traffic Truffle code to your website takes only a few seconds.

Here are the instructions:

To install the plugin just log into your WordPress admin area

1.) Go to Plugins -> Add New
2.) Search for “Traffic Truffle”
3.) Click the link to install the plugin
4.) Once this installation is complete then click the “active” link
5.) Finally, go to Settings -> Traffic Truffle in the left menu
6.) Paste in your Traffic Truffle ID – you will get this once you have signed up for an account
7.) Click “Save Changes”

That’s it. The tracking code is now on your site and you will be able to your business visitors when you log into your Traffic Truffle account.

If you are unsure of your Traffic Truffle ID then go to https://my.traffictruffle.com/sites