Key Digital Marketing Tactics for SMEs

Key Digital Marketing Tactics for SMEs

Traffic Truffle were proud to co-sponsor a recent 3-hour masterclass event, delivering talks, ideas and actionable tactics for SME’s seeking assistance with marketing strategy, digital tools and tactics; that actually work.

Our CEO, Elliott King explained that ‘top-of-the-funnel’ tactics like SEO and Social Media Advertising work wonders for driving potential customers to a website.

Converting more of those ‘anonymous’ website visitors into actual sales enquiries was about great creative content that drive the right messages in the right way with the right ‘next step’ action calls. Tools like the Traffic Truffle Bubble can be used to semi-automate the nurturing process by presenting tailored messages and prompts to website visitors based on past, present activity and profile.

Highlights of a 3-hour masterclass event, powering through marketing strategy, digital marketing and personal communications skills to help you to improve the way you communicate in business and polish your presentation skills are here:

The event was brought to the audience by the Digital Agency, MintTwist and Marketing Automation Software tool, Traffic Truffle with 3 x Interactive and engaging talks from 3 x Keynote Speakers to create a quick-fire masterclass.

The session conveys methods of defining, marketing and delivering your messages, with digital tools, personal communication skills and marketing communications strategies for the digital age.

Traffic Truffle helps website owners to visualise their website users, there activity and setup smart touch points to automate the lead nurturing process.

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