Traffic Truffle Speaks “Marketing Automation” at International Conference

Traffic Truffle Speaks "Marketing Automation" at International Conference

Elliott King, Traffic Truffle CEO and Co-Founder of International Digital Agency, MintTwist spoke at the ‘Web Show’, Parma, Italy last week, illustrating the benefits to businesses of using Automated Lead Nurturing tools to convert more anonymous visitors into real world sales leads. Conference attendees learned that they could leverage the investments they were altready making in Search Marketing (SEO, SEM) and Social Media Advertising (SMA) by reaching more of those business and individual users that end up on their websites but who normally leave without anyone knowing they’ve been there.

“These types of data driven Marketing Automation tools really work and business that integrate this game-changing technology into their sales process will obtain a significant competitive advantage over their competition”, said Elliott.

“Traffic Truffle and related tools are low cost or free to use and with them you can identify, classify and then, for those hot prospects, setup automated personalised responses, like asking to connect on LinkedIn, showing specific content and offering a callback”, he went on to explain.

Traffic Truffle are currently offering it’s PRO version for on $99 per-month and are committed to holding this price for users who sign up before the “welcome period” ends. There is also a free-forever plan available. Take up this offer here.